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We hope you've all had AWESOME Thanksgiving breaks and getting ready for Christmas break. To those of you who have already registered again for 2020, THANK YOU! For the rest of you, there's still time to register for The Women of Art. Please remember to do so BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK! 12 member team registration fee is $150 before Jan. 1, but goes up to $175 after that. 6 member registration team is $75.00 before January 1, but goes up to $100 after that. 

Remember that you'll need to submit:
  • payment,
  • WAEA membership verification,
  • and three quiz bowl questions (of varying difficulty)
in order to receive the prompts and get your team started. Teams are assigned to submit quiz bowl questions for artists/topics based on their regional:

WHITEWATER: ☐ Mary Cassatt  ☐ Hilma Af Klimt  ☐ Elizabeth Catlett
STEVENS POINT:  ☐ Maria Martinez  ☐ Edmonia Lewis  ☐ Gena Ollendieck
MAUSTON:  ☐ Paula Scher  ☐ Berenice Abbott  ☐ Jeanne Toussaint
LA CROSSE:  ☐ Shelia Hicks ☐ Lotte Reiniger  ☐ Wendy Red Star
STOUT:  ☐ Mary Cassatt  ☐ Maria Martinez  ☐ Paula Scher
NORTHLAND:  ☐ Hilma Af Klint   ☐ Edmonia Lewis ☐ Shelia Hicks
MILWAUKEE:  ☐ Elizabeth Catlett  ☐ Gena Ollendieck ☐ Jeanne Toussaint
PLATTEVILLE : ☐ Hilma Af Klint  ☐ Edmonia Lewis  ☐ Shelia Hicks

Register Here -

We have noticed that SOME school district email admins have disabled google forms for "outside organizations." If you are getting an error message when you try to register, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP ( and I'll have you register the old fashioned way.

If you've already registered, look for another email in December with more details. I'm working on consolidating all the needed information on the blog site, so please check back soon.

ALSO: Please encourage your WAEA colleagues to join in the fun!

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