Artists List for 2020 - The Women of Art

VAC 2020 The Women of Art State: April 17, 2020Cancelled
Artist ListMary Cassatt Hilma Af Klin Elizabeth Catlett Maria Martinez Edmonia Lewis Gena Ollendieck Paula Scher Berenice Abbott Jeanne Toussaint Sheila Hicks

State Results 2019 (Back to Basics: Art & Simplicity)

Overall 1st: West Salem 2nd: Neenah 3rd: Hortonville
Quiz Bowl 1st: Little Wolf 2nd: West Salem 3rd: McFarland
Critical Thinking 1st: Neenah 2nd: Dodgeland 3rd: West Salem
Congratulations, everyone!!!

We hope to see you all again next year for VAC 2020: The Women of Art

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We hope you've all had AWESOME Thanksgiving breaks and getting ready for Christmas break. To those of you who have already registered again for 2020, THANK YOU! For the rest of you, there's still time to register for The Women of Art.Please remember to do so BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK! 12 member team registration fee is $150 before Jan. 1, but goes up to $175 after that. 6 member registration team is $75.00 before January 1, but goes up to $100 after that. 

Remember that you'll need to submit: payment, WAEA membership verification, and three quiz bowl questions (of varying difficulty) in order to receive the prompts and get your team started. Teams are assigned to submit quiz bowl questions for artists/topics based on their regional:
WHITEWATER: ☐ Mary Cassatt  ☐ Hilma Af Klimt  ☐ Elizabeth Catlett
STEVENS POINT:  ☐ Maria Martinez  ☐ Edmonia Lewis  ☐ Gena Ollendieck
MAUSTON:  ☐ Paula Scher  ☐ Berenice Abbott  ☐ Jeanne Toussaint
LA CROSSE:  ☐ Shelia Hicks ☐ Lotte Reiniger…

State Results 2018 - Art & Science Fiction

Overall1st - Luck 2nd - Hortonville 3rd - Mount Horeb
QuizBowl1st - Luck 2nd - Mount Horeb 3rd - Little Wolf
Critical Thinking1st - Greenfield 2nd - Dodgeland 3rd - Hortonville

Art & Science Fiction: Artist List

Art and Science FictionThe Golden Age of Science Fiction (esp. Ed Emshwiller & Hannes Bok)**Albert RobidaMichael WestmoreJosh MaierAntony CairnsRobert McCallBert I. GordonLori Nix & Kathleen GerberFrank R. PaulSimon StĂ„lenhagBob PepperGene Roddenberry **When was "The Golden Age" of science fiction?  People who study Sci Fi argue about this, but, for our purposes, the Golden Age spans the whole of the 1930s though '50s. It's made up of the the period of and following "pulp sci fi" (when comics really took off) which led to radio dramas (like X Minus 1 and others in the 1950s) plus TV (Flash Gordon, Tales of Tomorrow, Twilight Zone) and up to (but not including) the TV sci fi giant Star Trek. This includes the span of the wild sci fi / monster movies of the 1940s. In short our definition of "the golden age" can be considered roughly 1930-1965.

State Results: 2017 (Art & Wisconsin)

State Campions
Northwestern High School Overall2nd Place - Mount Horeb 3rd Place - Little Wolf Critical Thinking1st Place - Dodgeland 2nd Place - Northwestern 3rd Place - Waunakee Quiz Bowl1st Place - Luck 2nd Place - Pacelli 3rd Place - Mount Horeb

Art & Wisconsin: Artist List

Art and WisconsinDavid LenzFolk Art Environments (Dr Evermor, Mary Nohl, Jurustic Park, House on the Rock, Grottos)Frank Lloyd WrightHamilton Wood TypeLinda KelenMark HirschNancy Ekholm BurkertReginald BaylorShimon & LindemannSusan FrackeltonTom UttechWisconsin Woodland Indians (Research by W Ben Hunt and techniques of Greg Biskakone Johnson)